Sponsorship and Exhibition

Areas of Participation

Conference Brochure

Inside Front Cover ₦300,000.00k
Inside Back Cover ₦250,000.00k
Outside Back Cover ₦350,000.00k
Full Page ₦225,000.00k
Centre Spread ₦350,000.00k
Half Page ₦170,000.00k

Exhibition Booths

Single Booth ₦200,000.00k
Double Booth ₦350,000.00k

Presentation at the sponsored symposia by participating companies: ₦30,000.00k per minute for maximum of 15 minutes per presentation.

Other opportunities of sponsorship are as follows:
Welcome cocktail
Conference dinner

Interested individuals and corporate organization (both public and private) can contact any of the following:

  1. Chairman, exhibition sub-committee
  2. Finance sub-committee
  3. Publicity sub-committee
  4. Conference secretariat